It was great in Glen Waverley. We had 7 of us, 2 not pictured.

😀 I chatted to an Indian lady, Priya. She is Hindu. She had broken God’s law. I was going over it & she had to get going. She took the tract & said she’d read it.

I chatted to Yoshi. A young Russian guy who’s Scythian. He agreed with a lot of what I shared but didn’t believe it to be true. He seemed quite inquisitive and was a deep thinker. Caleb was sharing with me also. I was passionate in my telling him how Jesus didn’t just have truth but He is the truth. He was rejecting that but I know he’ll think about it. Then I chatted with an Indian guy Tofik. He’s a Muslim. He was really receptive it was an awesome chat. I gave him a a Bible and he was very pleased to take it. Plus some tracts. He will really consider what i I shared. I think he really appreciated that there’s grace. Our good works will never earn salvation. I explained it is a free gift. I was super encouraged to meet 2 young Christian ladies, Jo and Isha who may join us at some stage. 😊 Then some young 19 year old guys with a Catholic upbringing. James a Chinese guy and his friend Rishi who is Indian & Kevin who’s also Chinese. James really listened it was a great chat. He seemed to be visibly moved and almost seemed like he was convicted. He’s going to seriously consider repenting and trusting in Christ as he knew he was a sinner. Then an Italian guy who’s name I didn’t get at the end. He had an upbringing and thought he had plenty of time but I said we never know when we will die and we need to get right with God. He said I don’t need it now. I explained you wouldn’t drive a car without insurance. It’s very risky living without having Christ. Assurance really. A lot of tracts went out, it was the first time for Glen Waverley on a Wednesday. 😀

From Caleb: Spoke to Jay, his family are Christian but he wasn’t sure what to believe. I presented the gospel and he was really interested. He came to see me again after his dinner reservation to say goodbye and exchange numbers. Praise God!

I met Lau, I saw him from afar and felt burdened to witness to him. I was encouraged to hear that 10 minutes prior he had prayed to God and has been doing so the past 2 days. He wasn’t sure what to do to get to heaven, I shared the gospel and he was so glad to hear you can have assurance of salvation. I gave him a big hug and we exchanged numbers 🙏

I shared with a few others that were very receptive and I appreciate the opportunity the Lord gave me tonight and the rest of the team also!